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Products and Services

Products & Services

A&B Denture Clinic Ltd. is proud to offer the latest solutions for missing teeth and dental problems. With some of the most expert denturists in the area, we are equipped to handle any denture-related need you may have.


We Have a Denture Solution For You

If you’re new to dentures, read more about our offerings and schedule a free consultation with A&B Denture Clinic Ltd. to see which solution best fits your individual needs. Our one-on-one attention is sure to lead to a workable resolution and a more confident smile.


At A&B Denture Clinic Ltd., our services fall into the following categories:

  • Complete Dentures

  • Partial Dentures

  • Implant Dentures

  • Relines and Repairs

  • Snore Guards

  • Sports Guards (to provide protection from impact during sports and other physical activities)

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