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Complete dentures

Complete Dentures

Complete dentures are the most cost effective solution when you are missing all of your natural teeth. Your custom-made dentures will allow you to eat and speak normally, as they are molded to fit the shape of your mouth

What New Dentures Feel Like

While dentures should be comfortable in your mouth, there may be a short adjustment period to get used to them. For instance, the dentures may make your mouth feel “too full” at first, but your mouth will soon feel normal again while you’re wearing your dentures.


You may have adapted your speech to produce certain sounds more clearly with missing teeth. It may take a little practice to learn to produce these sounds correctly again with dentures. Soon your speech will be clear.


Like your speech, your chewing will need to be modified with dentures. Again, practice! Begin with soft foods and graduate to solids over a period of weeks.


If you experience soreness or a tired jaw with your new dentures, give us a call at A&B Denture Clinic Ltd. We’ll help you eliminate the problem.

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