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Mouth guard

Snore Guards

Why is snoring a problem? Because it can keep you and your loved ones awake, snoring can lead to headaches, fatigue and trouble concentrating. Long-term, snoring can even cause high blood pressure, depression and heart disease!

How It Works

When you place the Snore Guard® intra-oral device in your mouth, it forces your lower jaw forward. This position prevents the obstruction of your airway when you fall asleep and tissues in the throat relax.


Why do you need a dentist for a snore guard? Because a custom fitted Snore Guard® will remedy the problem correctly. Helping you sleep through the night better, allowing your partner to sleep better and be beneficial to your overall health. The fitting only takes a few minutes.

Come Talk to Us

See A&B Denture Clinic Ltd. if you think a Snore Guard® would be a good solution for a loved one or for yourself. We look forward to talking with you.

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